Our Services

Business Intelligence

Jahtoe Technologies Configurable Business Intelligence Systems we call Derive, applies Data Engineering and Data Science techniques to transform raw data into meaningful and useful information for business analysis purposes.

Derive is a collection of pipelined applications capable of converting large amounts of unstructured data into more easily usable structured data stored in databases which is then utilized in various processes that aid the development of strategic knowledge to improve business decisions.

Each unique dataset requires a unique solution, so Derive is uniquely configured and new code created for each solution.

Accounting Services

Jahtoe Technology are experts in financial reporting and can help you with your financial and management accounts preparation. We can help you with your account receivables and account payables management using accounting software or excel spreadsheet as well as help you with double entry bookkeeping for your routine daily accounting transactions.

Systems & Websites

Jahtoe Technology are experts in Systems Design and Integration and Software Development in Linux and Microsoft environments and can help you with your current system, migrate your data to a new system, create a new system or program new functionality for existing systems on the market.

Jahtoe Technology are experts in creating bespoke systems to allow your data to be entered effectively, securely, with a history and error checking in place to prevent and detect fraud.

We build bespoke applications as desired, hand-held applications and install, host and configure content management system websites such as:

We are experts in getting your business organized with Microsoft products such as Sharepoint, Project, Office and Dynamics.

Data Engineering

Jahtoe Technology create data architecture systems using semantic web technologies focused on authoring schema, working with ontologies such as Dublin Core, creating bespoke XSD schema driven data creation and management tools utilizing RDF to drive processes and JENA to query information using SPARQL, interface development and automated process scripting.

Jahtoe Technology create data engineering systems using various languages such as XSLT, Java, and python, utilizes SQL and NOSQL databases in several technologies including SQL Server, MYSQL, Microsoft Navision, Basex, ExistDB and Marklogic.

Jahtoe Technologymigrates data structured or unstructured into databases as well as develop REST interfaces to create systems that interact with the databases.